Tensor Regulator Tires 8-Ply DOT Approved

Tensor Regulator Tires 8-Ply DOT Approved



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Tire Weights:
  • 28x10-14: 37 lbs
  • 30x10-14: 39 lbs
  • 32x10-14: 44 lbs
  • 30x10-15: 39 lbs
  • 32x10-15: 44 lbs
The Regulator A/T tire is one of, if not, the best all terrain UTV tire on the market. The Tensor Regulators are DOT approved so that you can drive your side by side on the street in states where it is allowed. Tensor Tire Regulators come from the same group that brought Method Wheels to the UTV market and they spent countless of hours testing the engineering and testing on all types of terrain, including the race track. These Tensor Regulator tires feature an 8-ply construction and the tread design is based off of truck tires as opposed to ATV tires like many of the others out there. The Tensor Tires Regulator features deep tread lugs on the shoulders for improved cornering and a wide footprint for better braking and handling. The Tensor Regulator reviews are in and this tire is here to stay.
  • DOT Approved
  • 8-Ply Construction with Nylon reinforcement layer
  • Steel belted inner and outer bead
  • Wider footprint for enhanced handling and braking
  • Variable tread pattern delivers smoothest, quietest ride possible
  • Deep tread lugs on shoulders for improved cornering traction

Why Tensor Tires?


Tensor Tire Regulator StrengthThe Tensor Tires Regulator is one of the strongest all terrain UTV tirs on the market. These Regulators feature steel belts on both the inner and outer beads and 8-ply construction with a nylonreinforcement layer. As a result, this tire is designed to prevent punctures and has a higher load bearing capacity than others on the market. The manufacturer has tested this tire on all types of terrain to ensure that it is strong enough to withstand even the most punishing drivers. Since this tire comes from the same people as Method Race Wheels, Tensor was able to test this tire with some of the best UTV racers on the planet to ensure it meets their needs so that they not only cross the finish line, but end up on the podium!


Tensor Tire FootprintThe footprint on the Tensor regulator tire is wider than other side by side, all-terrain tires. The engineers who designed these tires based them off a truck tire, rather than a standard ATV tire. The wider footprint provides better handling and braking, regardless of the conditions. Some other tires on the market only have a couple inches of tread that actually make contact with the ground. With less of a crown and more rubber actually meeting the terrain, you can expect better performance from the Regulators.

Inflation Recommendations

Tensor Regulator InflationThese Tensor Regulator Tires have the recommended inflation settings embossed into the sidewall of the tire. Depending on the terrain you are riding on, you will want to change your tire pressure in order to achieve maximum performance. If you are rock crawling, you will want to run lower pressure than if you are on the flats or the sand. The manufacturer has done the research and testing to take the guesswork out of it and provide the recommended inflation settings so that you can get the most out of your machine.

Tread Design

Tensor Tire Tread DesignThe tread design on the Tensor Regulator tire is designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. This tire features an aggressive looking all terrain tread design that will perform on al lsurfaces and will also improve the appearance of your side by side. Through substantial testing and research, the engineers who designed these tires were able to provide a tread design that performs while also providing a comfortable riding experience.

Shoulder Lugs

Tensor Tire Shoulder LugsThese Tensor Tire Regulators feature shoulder lugs as the tread design on these tires continues all the way over the shoulder and slightly onto the sidweall in order to provide the best cornering traction in loose terrain such as gravel and sand. Thistire was designed to perform for both racing and recreation. The racers require and demand the best cornering possible and this tire delivers. It also means that the general public, or recreational users,get race-proven performance to have the must fun possible. Some folks prefer all terrains over paddles when riding in the sand dunes and this tire performs better in the sand that most other DOT approved tires,making this a true, all-terrain tire!

California Prop 65 Warning:
California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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