Warthog ATV

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Take the performance of your UTV to the next level with Warthog ATV heavy duty axles. Since most OEM axles are too skinny to handle the full torque from your motor, Warthog ATV’s axles with enlarged shafts and CV joints are the ideal aftermarket component to solve this problem. Every axle is made from industry-leading chromoly steel and the CV joints are CNC precision machined and filled with top-notch moly grease to ensure low friction and smooth motion. The CV boots are made of TPEE, Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer, which is a tougher material than rubber or neoprene, and provide excellent puncture and flex fatigue resistance. Warthog ATV heavy duty axles from Side by Side UTV Parts are industry tested parts and outperform other brands in the same class.
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