MTX UTV Stereo Packages

We offer MTX stereo packages for both Polaris RZR and universal applications that use MTX tower speakers and either a Bluetooth connection or a wired, direct connection via a 3.5mm jack. The MTX Audio RZR Level kits feature speaker pods that mount on top of the dash and most include a self powered subwoofer that fits cleanly under the dash and the same amp is used to power the speakers for RZR Level 2 and Level 3. The on top of the dash mounting location is ideal for sound quality as it points the speakers directly at the rider's head. The self powered subwoofer mounts without any cutting or drilling required and includes a wiring harness that is pre-cut and terminated for easy installation. For a source unit, you get the choice of an MTX radio and dash kit that uses the dry storage box or a Bluetooth controller that is a less expensive option. For the tower speaker kits, we offer them with either a Bluetooth controller or direct connect, 3.5mm jack input. These tower speaker kits come in 2 or 4 speaker configurations and include a water proof, marine grade amp and all wiring needed for installation.
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