JL Audio UTV Source Units

JL Audio offers UTV source units to meet the needs of all riders. Whether you are looking for something basic that just allow you to steam via Bluetooth directly to your amplifier or if you want a full blown head unit with a screen, JL offers something for you. The JL Audio 12V RCA Bluetooth receiver is a basic RCA Bluetooth connection that connects to your phone wirelessly and sends the music signal into your amp and then out through the speakers. You control the songs and volume from your phone. The JL Audio Bluetooth Controller and Receiver gives you an in interface that you can mount in your dash so that you can leave your phone in your pocket or safely stored away and still change songs, play/pause and adjust the volume. The JL Audio Media Master 100 is a complete, marine grade source unit with Bluetooth, AM/FM, Aux and is SiriusXM ready. The Media Master 100 has a 3.5" screen, a user-friendly interface and offers the ultimate in sound performance and control.
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