GMZ Wheels

With a selection of LiteLoc, Gunslinger, Venomous, and Casino wheels, Side by Side UTV Parts is proud to sell ultra sturdy and aggressive GMZ wheels for your UTV. GMZ Race Products manufacturers some of the most recognizable, durable, and race-ready UTV wheels on the market. We stock GMZ wheels in beadlock and non-beadlock options with various spoke patterns, sizes, and offsets. GMZ’s beadlock options are especially known for delivering superior traction, control, and style for desert riding, but they certainly make no compromises on any other off-roading terrain. It’s no secret why GMZ is one of the most trusted UTV brands on the market. Our stylish GMZ wheels are constructed from the most resilient and lightweight materials in the wheel game, ensuring your custom UTV stands out in both performance and appearance.
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