Crow UTV Harnesses

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A great addition to your UTV, Crow Harnesses are made in the United States and designed to ensure your safety. These 4 and 5 point crow harnesses keep you and your passengers securely in the vehicle. While driving over off road terrain, it is inevitable to hit some bumps and you want to make sure your body stays inside the vehicle. Crow keeps in safely inside your UTV with harnesses available in both 2" and 3" webbing and several different colors including, black, red, blue, gray, purple and neon orange. There are a couple main differences among the UTV harnesses. You have the choice between sewn shoulder belts or latching shoulder belts. Sewn shoulder belts are the harnesses where the shoulder belt is actually sewn to the lap portion. These belts are popular because it makes getting in and out of your side by side easy, and the belts stay right there in the seat. The non-sewn Crow Harnesses feature shoulder straps that slip over the tongue of the latch to secure themselves to the lap belt. You have the option to choose between belts with or without shoulder pads. The shoulder pads add additional cost, but the belts are much more comfortable to ride in as the webbing does not dig into your body once the harnesses are tightened down. Crow safety offers the Crow Blackbird series harnesses. The Crow Blackbird series feature black anodized components as opposed to the standard silver. When choosing your Crow UTV belt, evaluate your needs and personal preference to determine the appropriate belt.