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Adding a whip to your vehicle is a must in many riding locations and if you are going to ride at night, often times a light up whip is required. We offer UTV LED whips from SafeGlo, Whip Tech, and 5150 Whips that are available in 4' and 6' lengths with both LED and fiber optic lighting elements. The LED whips feature LEDs going up the length of the whip, whereas the fiber optic features an LED at the base and the light is then reflected up the whip. These whips feature fiber optic material and allow you to change the color or have it cycle through several colors, all controlled by you. For most applications, where you are mounting the whip on the roof of the vehicle, we recommend a 4' whip. If you are using the stock location in the bed of your UTV, we recommend going with the longer 6' version.
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