Kymco UXV Harnesses

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When stock seatbelts just aren’t safe enough for your driving style, go with Kymco UXV harnesses from Side by Side UTV Parts. We’re proud to feature the absolute best selection of aftermarket UTV harnesses that come in a variety of styles and colors. Choose from the most trusted harness brands like Crow, DragonFire, Pro Armor, PRP, Twisted Stitch, and more. They also come in several different colors in options from 2” to 3” straps and 3 to 5 point styles. We believe that safety is the most important aspect of any off-road vehicle, and that’s why we offer Kymco UXV owners a comprehensive selection of harnesses to suit their style, comfort, and safety needs. You’re really going to appreciate the improved driver and passenger security in your vehicle with Side by Side UTV Parts’ assortment of great Kymco UXV harnesses.
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