KMC UTV Wheels

The KMC UTV wheels are available in sizes ranging from 14" all the way up to 20" and they offer 5 different styles and most of them are available for every bolt pattern. KMC offers the popular Machete wheel in both a beadlock and non-beadlock version and they offer multiple offsets and widths including a 4+3, a 5+2 as well as a 5+5, 10" wide rear wheel for sand tire applications. In addition to the XD series wheels, KMC UTV wheels are also availble in their popular Rockstar sytles including the Rockstar 1 and the Rockstar 2 with the Rockstar 2 offer several different color customizations so that you can make your UTV uniquely yours and match your stock graphics, plastics, or custom wrap.
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