GMZ Race Products

At Side by Side UTV Parts we stock GMZ Race Products high performance off-road tires and wheels. GMZ wheels and tires have been tested to withstand some of the roughest conditions across the country while maintaining their exceptional appearance. We carry GMZ Sand Stripper tires, GMZ Kahuna tires, GMZ Cutthroat tires, GMZ Venomous Wheels and GMZ LiteLoc Beadlock Wheels. The GMZ Sand Stripper tires are specifically designed of use in the sand dunes. Sand Stripper tires are 6Ply tires with radial construction for superior traction and turning ability in sand. The Cutthroat GMX tires are all-terrain with off-road racing 3/4” tall tread height. GMZ Kahuna tires are engineered for all conditions including desert hard pack, to loose conditions of most racetracks. They feature an 8ply radial construction, heavy duty sidewall and rubber compound for a truly durable side by side tire. Surround your GMZ tires with GMZ Venomous or LiteLoc wheels. GMZ Venomous wheels are non-beadlock wheels with a unique spoke design. The LiteLoc Beadlock wheels clamp the tire to wheel with an 8mm bolt system. Both GMZ wheel designs are available in 12” and 14.” With over 35 years of combined experience in the racing industry, you can be assured your GMZ products are built to last and perform.
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