Baja Designs Stealth Light Bars

The Baja Designs Stealth led light bars are a versatile, low profile LED light bar. The Baja Designs Stealth light bars are available in 10" lengths and from anywhere between 10-50 inches. The Baja Designs Stealth lights are user integrated like all Baja Designs LED products and allow you to change the internal reflectors as well as the lenses in order to customize your lights for different terrain and conditions. The Baja Designs Stealth led light bars offer some unique features in that they are available in 30 to 50 inch lengths, varying with 20 and 40 LED's respectively. This allows you to get a light bar that will span the entire width of your vehicle, yet it does not have as many LED's keeping cash in your pocket without vastly lowering the light bar beam output. The nice thing about these two lights is that the Stealth 30/20 and the Stealth 50/40 will put out more light than the competitors 30" and 50" light bars. This allows you to get more light at a lower price, while not having to sacrifice with a smaller light that would not look as good. The Baja Designs stealth lights are available in three different finishes, black, white and fall camo casing so that no matter what your vehicle looks like or what you are using it for, there is a Stealth LED light bar perfect for you.

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