Baja Designs Squadron XL LED Lights

The Baja Designs Squadron XL led lights provide the distance you expect from an HID light with the smooth beam pattern of LEDs. The Squadron XL features 4300 raw lumens and is available in three different beam patterns, combo, spot and wide-cornering. Each beam pattern will illuminate a different zone and meets different lighting needs. The Squadron XL features interchangeable lenses that will allow you to change your beam pattern by simply changing the lens on the light. The Squadron XL light differs from the standard Squadron by utilizing the same reflectors as an OnX light bar for the most distance possible out of a light of its size.

The Baja Designs Squadron XL is able to provide more light than the other lights on the market due to the copper core PCB board and ClearView optics. The copper PCB board dissipates heat better than aluminum boards which allows Baja Designs to drive their LEDs with more power than the other lights on the market. The ClearView optics ensure that light is where you need it and does so efficiently so that light is not lost. The combination of the cooper PCB and the optics is what makes Baja Designs the brightest lights on the market
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