Baja Designs OnX6 Arc Series

The Baja Designs OnX Arc series the latest addition to the OnX series of LED light bars. The Onx Arc series light bars are available in 30" to 51" lengths and come with a combo beam pattern. The slight radius offer a wide beam pattern as the outside LEDs are angled toward the outside of the vehicle. In addition to the increased width, the radius design of the Baja Designs OnX Arc series lights offer a sleek appearance as it matches the contour of many "windshields". The Baja Designs Onx Arc series offer more effective light than any other LED light bars on the market. Utilizing CopperDrive technology, Baja Designs is able to drive their LEDs with more power than others on the market and the ClearView optics are more efficient and optically pure than the optics used by other LED light bar manufacturers.
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