Baja Designs LED UTV Lights

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As a leader in off-road lighting, Baja Designs LED UTV Lights use proprietary optics and designs providing the ultimate usability in off-road LED lights. Baja Designs lights offer more light per linear inch than any other LED light in the industry. The lenses are simple to change on the fly with just an Allen head wrench. The high output is due to a copper core circuit board which dissipates heat better and faster than other aluminum clad or even plastic PCB boards. The better thermal management and heat sinking allows Baja Designs to drive the LED's harder in order to get the maximum light output. Take advantage of the technology of Baja Designs as you can get a smaller light, that weighs less, takes up less space, offers the ability to change lenses on the go, and puts out more light than the competition.
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