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Rockford Fosgate RZR Stereo Kits: RZR14-STG5 vs RZR14-STG6
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Rockford Fosgate RZR14-STG5 vs RZR14-STG6

Up until now, the Rockford Fosgate RZR stereo kits only went to Stage 5 or in this case, STG5. The RZR14-STG5 is the updated and upgraded version of the previous RZR14-STAGE5 and is now part number RZR14-STG5. So whats, the difference? The 3rd generation kits now include Rockford's M2 front speakers, 6.5" M2 cage mounted speakers, an M2 subwoofer, and a M5-1500X5 amplifier. The most obvious difference between the old Punch PM2652B speakers and the new M2-65B speakers is the RGB LEDs. The New M2-65B speakers come with Rockford's Color Optix RGB LEDs that allow for easy installation and control from an app on your cell phone. You can read below to get more detailed insights into the changes for the individual components.

The RZR14-STG5 includes the following:
  • PMX-3 Head Unit
  • Dash Kit
  • Front Speaker Pods
  • M2-65B 6.5" Speakers
  • M2 6.5" Mini Tower Speakers with Clamps
  • (1) M2 10" Subwoofer
  • RZR 10" Subwoofer Enclosure
  • M5-1500X5 1500 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier
  • Color Optix RGB LED Controller
  • Plug & Play Wiring Harness to Connect Everything Together

With the 3rd generation RZR stereo kits, Rockford Fosgate has introduce their RZR14-STG6 stereo package. This kit includes the exact same components as the RZR14-STG5 EXCEPT for the tower speakers. They might as well call it RZR14-STG10 because the RZR-14STG6 includes 8" horn tweeter tower speakers that will take the volume to a whole other level. These speakers are loud and some might argue that they are too loud for people inside the vehilce itself. These speakers are designed to be heard, and heard crystal clear at distance. Read down for more in depth detail on the individual components, but the big difference between RZR14-STG5 and RZR14-STG6 is the 8" horn tweeter tower speakers.

The RZR14-STG6 includes the following:
  • PMX-3 Head Unit
  • Dash Kit
  • Front Speaker Pods
  • M2-65B 6.5" Speakers
  • M2 8" Horn Tweeter Tower Speakers with Clamps
  • (1) M2 10" Subwoofer
  • RZR 10" Subwoofer Enclosure
  • M5-1500X5 1500 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier
  • Color Optix RGB LED Controller
  • Plug & Play Wiring Harness to Connect Everything Together
Tower Speakers

The tower speakers are the major difference between RZR14-STG5 and RZR14-STG6.


The RZR14-STG5 comes with 6.5" mini tower speakers that are specifically designed for the UTV market. These tower speakers will mount to both stock and aftermarket cages (1.75" tubing) and they are more compact than traditional boat tower speakers for an improved appearance when installed on a UTV. The RZR14-STG5 tower speakers come with the M2-65B speakers installed in them. These are the same speakers that are used in the front kick pods. The M2-65B speakers handle up to 150 watts RMS and have Color Optix RGB LEDs. In addition to the LEDs on the speaker cone itself, the rear of the tower speakers also lights up to match the front color and has an illuminated, "Diamond R" Rockford Fosgate logo that can be indexed or rotated 360-degrees to the position that you want, regardless of the angle that the speaker is mounted at. The cans that come with the RZR14-STG5 include 360-degree rotating clamps which allow you to aim your speaker pods at the precise angle for the best listening experience, regardless of your roll cage.

The RZR14-STG6 comes with 8" horn tweeter tower speakers. Now these speakers take loud to a completely different level when compared to the 6.5" tower speakers that come in the RZR14-STG5. Instead of having a 1" coaxial tweeter, these speakers have a 1" horn tweeter. The horn tweeters are louder and brighter and it's not even close. The horn tweeters use the same technology as the tweeters that are used in pro audio stereo systems like those used in arenas, ball parks, concert venues, etc. The tweeters are designed for volume and for distance. The 8" horn tweeter tower speakers that come in RZR14-STG6 use a full-size boat can and they are going to be bigger and deeper than the 6.5" cans that come in the RZR14-STG5. Some people don't like the look of the full-size tower cans, but if you want to go big, you gotta go big! The 8" horn tweeter tower speakers also have the 360-degree, liight up, "Diamond R" logo on the back and the can itself can rotate 360-degrees with the supplied clamps. The speakers and the rear logo both operate using Rockford Fosgate's Color Optix RGB LEDs and both grille styles are included to match both the front speakers and your personal preference.

Head Unit

Both the RZR14-STG5 and RZR14-STG6 include the PMX-3, element-ready head unit. The Rockford Fosgate PMX-3 is a square style, compact head unit that offer virtually every functionality you would want from a head unit in your UTV. The PMX-3 has Bluetooth, AM/FM/WB tuner, USB, AUX, Pandora Control, 2 zone pre-outs w/ selectable rear or subwoofer control, a camera input with a reverse trigger wire, and it is SiriusXM ready. The SiriusXM tuner is not included, but you can add one and control SiriusXM on the radio itself, just like a brand-new car or truck that you drive off of the lot. The PMX-3 has a 2.7-inch, full-color, TFT display and front subwoofer control that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the bass levels from your stereo system.


The Rockford Fosgate M2-65B speakers are used as the front speakers of both RZR14-STG5 and RZR14-STG6. The M2-65B speakers can handle 150 watts RMS and use a proprietary tweeter material called "PXNX". The M2-65B speakers come with Rockford's Color Optix RGB LEDs and use a plug-and-play connection included with the wiring harness. The M2-65B speakers come with two styles of speaker grilles. You can choose from a dual 6-spoke, open-style grille, or you can opt for the stainless steel mesh grilles that are iconic for Rockford Fosgate element ready speakers.

From a sound quality and volume perspective, the M2-65B are arguably the best 6.5" marine speakers available. The 1" PXNX tweeter not only plays loud, but it also delivers a balanced sound profile for exceptional sound quality with decent bass for a 6.5" speaker. These speakers are very efficient and when powered with the M5-1500X5 amplifier that is included, will deliver an exceptional listening experience at all volume levels.


The subwoofer that comes in both RZR14-STG5 and RZR14-STG6 is the same sub. Both kits include the Rockford Fosgate M2D4-10IB which has the Color Optix RGB LEDs and can handle 400 watts RMS. The subwoofer comes with both style grilles to allow you to match it to both the front speakers and the tower speakers. The M2D4-10IB has an impedance switch that allows you to quickly and easily set the subwoofer's voice coils to a 2 ohm load. You will want to make sure it is set at 2 ohms when installing it. At 8 ohms, you won't get the power you want from the amplifier. The M2D4-10IB is a really nice, 10 inch marine subwoofer and it will perform. It is one of the best marine subwoofer available and handles more power than most.

It is important to keep in mind though, that bass and subwoofers in a RZR are not the same as bass and subwoofers in a car. A car is mostly enclosed and you get what they call "cabin boost" from the sound waves bouncing off all of the surfaces with little room to escape. In a RZR, that is much harder to do. It is an open-air vehicle and a 10 inch subwoofer in a RZR can't do what a 10 inch subwoofer can do in a car. That's not to say you aren't going to get good clean bass out of this M2 subwoofer, you will. But, just know that it's not the same. You can't compare apples to oranges.


The amplifier that powers the RZR14-STG5 and the RZR14-STG6 is the same, the M5-1500X5. The Rockford Fosgate M5-1500X5 is a compact chassis, 1500 watt amplifier that is perfect for a UTV. The M5-1500X5 is IPX6 rated, is super small for it's power output, and it draws minimal current given the output. The M5-1500X5 amplifier puts out 125 watts to each speaker at 4 ohms and 700 watts to the subwoofer at 2 ohms. The wiring connections are overmolded to ensure that water does not get in the amplifier and it has a cover over the signal processing controls. One of the biggest features on the M5-1500X5 is the "UTV Kit Specific" preset switch. Rockford Fosgate designed these amplifiers with a pre-set switch that overrides the on-board tone controls. With these kits, simply turn the preset switch to "On" and the amplifier will set the gains, crossovers, and filters at the ideal level that was determined with the help of the product development team and engineers at Rockford. This Preset swich ensure that you get maximum volume to all speakers without a clipped signal or distortion. Plug and play, set-it-and-forget-it. Rockford is almsot making it too easy to install a kick ass stereo in your RZR.


The wiring harness that is included with the RZR14-STG5 and RZR14-STG6 now has the connections for the Color Optix RGB LEDs and the overmolded connections for the M5-1500X5 amplifier. Everything with these Rockford Fosgate RZR stereo kits is plug and play. You don't need to cut, splice, crimp, solder, or anything like that. The harness works on both 2 and 4 seat vehicles as it is zip tied with a loop. Cut the zip tie for a 4 seater, leave it there for a 2 seater. The rear harness for the tower speakers plugs into the main harness and you don't need to worry about the connections on the cans themselves. There are plug integrated into the cans with the appropriate sealing and covers to ensure that they will withstand the elements.

Price Points

Everything costs money, you get what you pay for, and there's no such thing as free lunch. The Rockford Fosgate RZR14-STG5 and RZR14-STG6 are both high end stereo systems and they aren't "cheap" because they aren't well, cheap. The RZR14-STG6 is definitely more expensive. You do get what you pay for though with the 8" horn tweeter tower speakers. In the grand scheme of a customized RZR, it's not that much money, but we also know that the slope is very slippery!

Our Recommendation

When comparing RZR14-STG5 with RZR14-STG6, it doesn't necessarily come down to the fact that Stage 6 is more expensive, therefore it is better. The most important factor is how loud is loud enough and how do you use and enjoy your stereo system. If you want to have one of the loudest RZRs out there, definitely go with RZR14-STG6. Also go with Stage 6 if you like to broadcast your music and you want to ensure that everyone else hears your music. Or, if other RZR owners have their stereos up load, you can at least hear yours. If you use your RZR as the stereo system at camp and you want to project your music out over longer distances, the horn tweeters in the Stage 6 will make a difference.

If you like it loud, but you only want or need it loud for those in the vehicle, the RZR14-STG5 will be plenty loud and still sound amazing. The RZR14-STG5 sounds significantly better than the less expensive kits becuase the RZR14-STG5 has the M2 speakers. The issue becomes the first time you go riding and someone else has the RZR14-STG6 and you have the Stage 5. When they turn it up loud and it blows away your Stage 5, will you say "Damn I should have spent the extra money for the 8" horn tweeters?" Or, will you say, "That's definitely louder than my RZR14-STG5, but I am glad I saved the money because I don't want or need it THAT loud?"

Personally, I think if the RZR14-STG5 is in the budget, so is the RZR14-STG6. For the extra money, I would go with the RZR14-STG6 and get the 8" horn tweeter tower speakers. When you are riding, there's a bunch of engine, wind, tire, and suspension noise to deal with and you want to make sure you can hear your stereo through all of that. The Stage 5 is probably enough to do that, but most RZR owners and off road enthusiasts want to party, have a good time, and they want to turn the music up. When you turn the music up, the RZR14-STG6 ensures that your music goes waaay up! I would take you back to the scenario before. The first time some guy pulls up with the Stage 6 and you have the Stage 5. Will you be happy for him or will you say, "Damn, I should have spent the extra, couple hundred bucks and bought the Stage 6?" I'd go with RZR14-STG6.

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