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Rockford Fosgate RZR14-STG2 vs RZR14-STG3
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Rockford Fosgate RZR14-STG2 vs RZR14-STG3

The RZR14-STG2 is the most basic, four-speaker stereo system that you can install in a RZR while maintaining a factory, OEM appearance. The RZR14-STG2 includes a PMX-1 head unit with a dash kit, front speakers and speaker pods, rear cage mounted speakers, and a harness to connect everything together. The RZR14-STG2 comes with the Rockford Fosgate M0-65B speakers which are affordable, efficient, and ideal for use in a non-amplified system. The RZR14-STG2 does not include an amplifier and the speakers do not have the Color Optix RGB LEDs that the highe end kits come with.

The RZR14-STG2 includes the following:
  • PMX-2 Head Unit
  • Dash Kit
  • Front Speaker Pods
  • M0-65B 6.5" Speakers
  • M0 6.5" Mini Tower Speakers with Clamps
  • Plug & Play Wiring Harness to Connect Everything Together

The RZR14-STG3 is the most affordable and basic amplified stereo system that Rockford Fosgate offers for the Polaris RZR. This is the entry level system that comes with both an amplifier and a subwoofer. The RZR14-STG3 now includes the M1 series speakers and subwoofer with Rockford Fosgate's Color Optix RGB LEDs. The speakers and subwoofer are virtually the same as the previous generation, but they now include lights. For the amplifier, the RZR14-STG3 comes with an 800 watt, 4 channel amplifier that is IPX6 rated. The amplifier will deliver plenty of power to both the speakers and the subwoofer and it can get sprayed down with a hose and you have nothing to worry about. The RZR14-STG3 is ideal for 2 seat RZR's that don't need the rear, cage mounted speakers or for those looking that are on a budget, but looking for a stereo system that will still sound great.

The RZR14-STG3 includes the following:
  • PMX-2 Head Unit
  • Dash Kit
  • Front Speaker Pods
  • M1-65B 6.5" Speakers
  • (1) M1 10" Subwoofer
  • RZR 10" Subwoofer Enclosure
  • M5-800X4 800 Watt 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Color Optix RGB LED Controller
  • Plug & Play Wiring Harness to Connect Everything Together
  • No Tower Speakers Included
Tower Speakers
65W RMS/250W Peak
360 Degree Swivel Clamps
No Tower Speakers Included

The RZR14-STG3 does not include tower speakers.

The RZR14-STG3 comes with M1 6.5" speakers in the mini tower cans to match the front speakers. The mini tower cans are ideal for UTVs because they aren't as deep as traditional, boat tower cans. This provides a better appearance than these super-deep cans hanging off the back of your RZR. Like the front speakers, the M1WL-65MB tower speakers are virtually the same as the speakers that were in the previous generations, but there are cosmetic differences. The tower speakers now have the Color Optix RGB LEDs and an open-style 6 spoke grille to match the front speakers. In addition, the rear of the can now illuminates with RGB LEDs to match the color on the front of the speaker and there is a "Diamond R" Rockford Fosgate logo on the back that also lights up. The "Diamond R" logo can spin 360-degrees to make sure that it is the right direction, regardless of the angle that the speaker cans are mounted. The connections for both the speaker wire and the Color Optix RGB LEDs are plug and play and connect on the back of the can while still ensuring that they withstand the elements. The mounting clamps are included and will mount to both factory and aftermarket cages.

65W RMS/200W Peak
.5" LCP Dome Tweeter
89dB @ 1W/1M
75W RMS/300W Peak
1" LCP Dome Tweeter
90dB @ 1W/1M
Color Optix RGB LEDs

The M1-65B spekaers that come in the RZR14-STG3 and RZR14-STG3 are virtually the same speakers than came in the previous generations. The M1-65B speakers have the Color Optix RGB LEDs and an open-style, dual 6-spoke grille. The M1-65B speakers are not offered with the stainless steel, mesh grilles. The power handling, tweeter material, and tweeter size are still the same. The M1-65B handle 75 watts RMS and have a 1" LCP dome tweeter to deliver a crisp, clear, and bright sound profile that will cut through the ambient noise you get while out riding.

No Amplifier Included
125W x 4 @ 4 Ohms
200W x 4 @ 2 Ohms
400W x 2 @ 4 Ohms Bridged
UTV Kit Specific Preset Switches

The RZR14-STG3 amplifier is an 800 watt, 4 channel amplifier from Rockford's M5 line. This amp is IPX6 rated which means that you can spray it with a hose and some pressure, but you can't submerge it. The M5-800X4 is very compact yet delivers tons of power. It is rated at 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms, 200 watts per channel at 2 ohms, and 400 watts when bridged. With the RZR14-STG3, the speakers are wired to the front channels, and the rear channel is bridged to power the subwoofer. Each speaker gets 100W RMS and the subwoofer gets 400W RMS. One of the new features of the M5-800X4 is the "Preset" switch which is specifically designed for these UTV stereo kits. The Rockford product development and engineering teams determined the optimal settings for these kits to make tuning as simple as possible When you set the M5-800X4 preset switch to on, and select the correct filters, the gains and crossovers are automatically set to ensure you get maximum performance without clipping or distortion.

No Subwoofer Included
300W RMS/1200W Peak
1 Ohm or 4 Ohm Switchable Impedance
6-Spoke Style Grilles Only

The RZR14-STG3 comes with a 10 inch, M1D2-10B subwoofer. The 10 inch M1 subwoofer offers more power handling than the previous generation and it now has the Color Optix RGB LEDs and an open-style, 6 spoke grille to match the speakers. The M1D2-10B subwoofer has a selectable impedance switch that allows you to quickly and easily set it at either 1 ohm or 4 ohms. With this setup, you want to make sure you set it at 4 ohms. Since you are bridging the amplifier, you will either cook the amplifier or send it into protect mode if you set it at 1 ohm and try to get more power from it. Don't do it. The single 10", M1 subwoofer will withstand everything nature has to throw at it and will deliver good, decent bass in your RZR. Please keep in mind that bass in an open air vehicle like a RZR is not the same as bass, in a closed environment like a car or truck.

Head Unit
AM/FM/WB Tuner
Bluetooth, USB, AUX
2 Zone Output w/ Selectable Rear/Sub
2.1" White/Black Dot Matrix Display
AM/FM/WB Tuner
Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Pandora Control
2 Zone Output w/ Selectable Rear/Sub
2.7" TFT Full Color Display


The harness that comes with the RZR14-STG2 does not have the power harness for the amplifier. Instead, the speakers are powered off of the PMX-1 head. The harness that is included is still plug and play and provides all of the connections you need to wire both the front speakers and the rear speakers to the head unit, without having to cut, crimp, splice, twist, or tape.

The wiring harness that is included with the RZR14-STG3 now has the connections for the Color Optix RGB LEDs and the overmolded connections for the M5-800X4 amplifier. Everything with these Rockford Fosgate RZR stereo kits is plug and play. You don't need to cut, splice, crimp, solder, or anything like that. The harness works on both 2 and 4 seat vehicles as it is zip tied with a loop. Cut the zip tie for a 4 seater, leave it there for a 2 seater.

Price Points

These are two completely different animals. One gives you sound from 4 speakers while the other gives you a complete stereo system with an amplifier and a subwoofer. If you have a 4 seat vehicle and you want 4 speakers, and you just want some sound and you want it to look factory, the RZR14-STG2 is perfect. If you want it to sound good, and you want full range sound with decent low-end and crystal clear highs, you need to step up to the RZR14-STG3.

Our Recommendation

If you are deciding between these two systems, go with the RZR14-STG3. The RZR14-STG2 is for the farmer that is using a RZR for work and wants some sound and a factory appearance. If you want it to sound good, you need to get the Stage 3. If you just want some sound, go with a soundbar. You can save money with a soundbar versus the RZR14-STG2, it's cheaper and it will sound better. If you absolutely, positively need it to look OEM, but you don't want to spend the money for the RZR14-STG3, and you hate soundbars, then the Stage 2 is right for you.

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