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Installation Instructions
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Installation Instructions

Safety is our number one priority here at SideBySideUTVParts.com and it is important for us to let you know how often to replace or repair the parts and accessories on your Side by Side and/or UTV.

Let’s start off with the basic safety equipment that all drivers should have regardless of their expertise or talent: the safety seat

[1] “Safety seats in off-road vehicles serve two main purposes: protection in an accident and protection against all the bouncing vehicle impacts.” Safety seats reduce “the chance of being crushed and absorb most of the energy in rough riding that can lead to serious injuries.” Because safety seats take such a beating, it is important to exchange your seats for newer ones every 5-10 years.

It’s also important to take into account the safety equipment that keeps you in your seat: the safety harness

We’re pretty sure we don’t have to explain what the harness does but just in case you’re not exactly sure, the harness prevents you from sliding or jerking around during rough terrain. They also keep your body stable enough to withstand an impact better than those not wearing a safety harness. Without a harness, you can easily fly out of your seat, straight through the windshield when the Side by Side or UTV comes to a sudden stop.

Like safety seats, due to rough riding and normal wear and tear, safety harnesses have a shelf life. According to the SFI Foundation, [2] “a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for the quality assurance of specialty performance and racing equipment”, it is imperative to change your safety harnesses every two years.

As you can see, safety harnesses must be replaced before the due date for seats which is why we are offering this step-by-step guide on how to install pull through bezels on your existing seats in order to install new safety harnesses.

We are using a pair of RZR XP seats and will show two different methods for those with or without a drill or unibit.

Tools to Use:




Drill Bit

Center Punch

Steps to Follow:

1. Cut out and fold the paper template. Leave the center cutout in place

2. Line the template up with the center point of the Polaris star on the back on the seat and tape it down

Note: For other models, the ideal placement is at the bottom of the headrest

3. Mark where the two holes will be drilled

4. Pull off the template and make sure the marks for the holes are visible

5. Cut out the center of the template

6. Tape the template back onto the seat

7. Use a razor blade to score the cutout onto the plastic seat back

8. Pull off the template. You should see the marks from the razor blade on the back of the seat

(A) The following steps are for those with a drill or unibit 

1A. Drill a pilot hole on both sides. Use caution to not drill too deep

2A. Use a unibit/step bit to open up the hole about an inch in diameter. Make sure to line up the hole to the edges of the scored line

3A. Clean the plastic shavings off

4A. Press a razor blade through the seat back

5A. Rock the razor blade back and forth to cut through the plastic. Cut both sides from hole to hole

6A. Press the center in and pull it out

7A. Test fit the bezel to see if the cut-out needs to be bigger


8A. To open the cut-out, use the unibit on both sides

(B) The following steps are for those without a drill or unibit 

1B. Deeply press on a razor blade to cut the corners of the scored cutout

2B. Press the plastic in to snap the edges out

3B. Test fit the bezel to see if the cut-out needs to be bigger

4B. To open the cut-out, trim the opening with the razor blade

Steps to Follow Continued: 

9. Snap the bezel into place with a bit of pressure

Note: The bezel should not fall into place. It should fit snug

10. Remove the bezel after the fit is confirmed

11. Carefully slice the seat foam in the opening. Be cautious to not cut through the material on the front of the seat

12. Pull the foam from the opening until you see the material to the front of the seat

13. Now that the front material is visible through the opening, use a razor blade to cut from back the through the front. Be sure to follow the shape of the opening

14. Once both the front and back seat material have been successfully cut and cleaned up, slide the bezel into place at the rear of the seat

15. When fitting the bezel at the front, stretch the material rather than cutting it to make the bezel fit

16. Align the bezels and remove any excess foam

17. After lining the bezels up, press them together until you hear or feel them click together

Once the bezels are adjoined, the installation is complete and your safety harness can be installed

If you need additional assistance with this installation or have questions regarding the products mentioned, give us a call at 1-888-849-3727 or visit www.SideBySideUTVParts.com and we can help you with all of your off-roading needs.

Until then, grand adventures and safe excursions!


[1] Fab Fours. (2017). Looking at Safety Seats for Your Off-Road Truck! [Fab Fours Online Information]. Retrieved on 06/12/2018 from https://fabfours.com/

[2] SFI Foundation. (n.d.) About SFI Foundation. [SFI Foundation Online Bio]. Retrieved on 02/07/2018 from http://sfifoundation.com/

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