SDR Motorsports

SDR Motorsports is located in Corona, CA and stands for Sand, Desert and River because that’s where UTV’s go to play. The company focuses on off road enthusiasts dedicated to their Side by Side customers. They value using only the best products so they can provide the ultimate service and experience for every UTV owner looking to add a few personal touches to their UTV or to build their ideal ultimate dream machine. SDR’s key selling point is the quality of safety they bring to their roll cages based on the different materials they use such as: Cold Rolled Electric Resistance Welding (CRERW), Drawn over Mandrel (D.O.M.), and Chrom-Molly. CRERW is rolled tubing from a flat piece of steel that is then welded to create a practically invisible seam. highly exclusive and sturdy tubing that bends well and can be welded with no heat treating or stress relieving needed. Chrom-Molly is the strongest of three and as a raw material it requires proper welding and stress relieving once it is welded to yield the strength it offers as a raw material.
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