Kymco UXV GMZ Wheels

Side By Side UTV Parts exclusively offers high quality 4/110 mm GMZ Wheels for your Kymco UXV. GMZ Venomous wheels and GMC LiteLoc Beadlock Wheels are available in 12” and 14,” perfect for racing or recreational use. The GMZ LiteLoc wheels are extremely lightweight, with the 12” wheels weighing just 12.5 lbs and the 14” wheels weighing 15 lbs. The GMZ Venomous wheels are lightweight for better stability and recommended as an OE stock replacement. The 12” wheels weigh 11 lbs and the 14” wheels weigh 13 lbs. These really light weights are unique for a wheel as big as a 14x10. Complete your Side by Side transformation today with Kymco UXV GMZ Wheels.
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