Evolution Powersports Turbo Accessories

Evolution Powersports knows that with all of the added power that your vehicle creates with the ECU Reflash, Exhaust Systems, and everything else that they have to offer; Your Turbo vehicle will have to release the excess power somehow. Evolution Powersports created their own Turbo accessories that are capable of handling a lot more boost pressure than the stock configurations that are original to each vehicle. Evolution Powersports has Diverter Valves commonly known as “Blow Off Valve” that are constructed out of heavy duty billet aluminum rather than the cheap plastic construction of the original blow off valve; allowing you to run higher amounts of boost. Evolution Powersports also creates their own Charge Tubes are tested and confirmed to have a much higher burst pressure points than their stock counterpart. If you intend to run your vehicle with higher amounts of boost then it is a no brainer with these Evolution Powersports Turbo Accessories.