Assault Industries Radius Rods

Assault Industries has developed heavy duty radius rods for Polaris RZR, Maverick, Wildcat and more including radius rods for select long travel kits. Assault Industries radius rods are available in three different styles, turret, barrel, and bomber. The turret and barrel Assault Industries radius rods are straight and over increased strength over stock while either being the same weight or lighter, depending on which model you select. The barrel are round and stronger while weighing the same, the turret are hexagonal and still much stronger than stock, but also offer weight savings. The Assault Industries bomber series radius rods are the high clearance version of their product. These radius rods are stronger than stock and are designed to give you increased ground clearance to prevent you from hitting rocks, tree stumps, or other debris which you might encounter when riding. You cannot go wrong with Assault Industries radius rods. We recommend upgrading before you break the stock ones to ensure you can stay riding all weekend or week long!
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