PRP 50/50 Front Bench Seats

The PRP 50/50 front bench seat is available for all of the Polaris RZR models. Upgrade the comfort, style, and safety of your RZR by adding a PRP front bench seat to your vehicle without having the deal with the headache of a full bench seat. The folks at PRP seats ride and know the advantages of the front bench seat, especially if you are just cruisin' around and want to put someone in the middle. They also understand the difficult in removing a full bench seat, dealing with harnesses and installation which is why they split the PRP 50/50 bench seat down the middle so that you can still utilize a seat slider if you have a RZR 1000 or added sliders to your 2008-2014. Furthermore, if you need to get access to your battery, it would take two people to easily remove a full bench seat and there is not always that extra set of hands around. The PRP 50/50 bench seat allows you to just remove the driver seat to easily access your battery and for easy seat removal and installation for cleaning.
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